Life can be funny

Life can be funny. We can be reflective, and thoughtful, or reactive. Sometimes it just depends on how much time there is. I guess in the word press world, I am also editing my post on the iPad in the HTML editing mode, but I do like the word press web front end for doing things, as opposed to the app.

All in all, though it seems pretty fluid in editing the post through the web enabled front end.

Travel is usually fun and exciting, there are usually new things to see and do.

For instance on this trip, we have done many new and interesting things, including staying at some different locations with some interesting relatives which we have not seen in quite a while.

We took a different route and stopped in some different towns than our usual way up to Connecticut.

We saw our niece at Meredith Manor in Waverly, West Virginia. We stayed in Marietta, Ohio. Our trip through West Virginia was cool. We saw the niece who was learning how to work with horses.

The niece was happy to be doing what she was doing, so that is probably exciting.


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