Possible time for changes

Well, we got the ipad and things looked as if maybe leaning toward the wordpress site for blogging might be a bit better as far as publishing things go with the ipad and whatnot else.  I did see how I could publish to other publishing mediums through the edit HTML options of the respective sites.  I thought maybe things would be a bit easier than they have so far turned out to be with the ipad, but the PC (laptop) interface is pretty nice with the wordpress front end editing tools.  Maybe some parts of the ipad options aren’t yet integrated into the front end as is available in the notebook front end.  I like the notebook front end.

I tend to think that the cool tools might lend themselves to a better writing environment, but at the same time, there was a rather nice structure available to me with the gather mode for revenue sharing which provided a small bit of money back to the content creators.  I somehow don’t anticipate that this will provide a similar return, but I guess we will see if in the end, something could happen with this blog.


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