memories of a summer

sailboat, sailing

When I was much younger, I believe before my accident, I am pretty sure that I have some memories of taking a summer course, or something similar at a yacht club or something close. I think we used a much simpler vessel to learn on, simpler sail configurations, but at the same time, we did learn enough. I’m pretty sure it was reasonably fun.

I guess we moved, or something, because I did not stay friends with that set of friends at that time. We lost track, grew apart. All in all, memories of youth tend to be of happier times.


2 thoughts on “memories of a summer

  1. Thanks for the comment. It’s kind of cool to think back on memories of experiences while sailing, out on the open water, in the small sailboat, with maybe 4 to 6 other children in the boat, learning how to sail successfully.
    I don’t think I can recall any of the names of the children in the sailing class, but I am pretty sure that it is fairly common that not all classes had particularly memorable classmates in them. I do remember some children from the before accident days, so I guess there are those people who do make impacts on who we are and who we will become.
    As a side note, this typing on the iPad is pretty cool. I’ve not done a lot of content creation on the iPad, as perhaps it feels “more natural” to compose longer notes on the keyboard of my laptop, but this response to the comment perhaps engages something else.

  2. I always find it interesting that the things we think we remember… we do. Even without any memory problems for medical reasons… you look back and remember something or think you do and you try and talk yourself out of the memory because its vague and you can’t grab it in your hand, turn it over and check the date, time and place to see if you got it right. But, have found in my life the memory is always real. It’s an intuitive knowing.

    Nice pics, glad you got away.

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