Google going after Apple

I don’t really think that Google wants to try taking over Apple, as the title seems to suggest. The article mentions that Verizon is working with Google to bring something to market which might be a competitor in the tablet computing space.

As a consumer of technology products, I have to say that I really like the ipad. As an advocate for rehabilitation, I can see some information technology being used at my work, but there seem to be rather significant obstacles to using Commercial Off The Shelf Technology with our patient population.

There are a lot of resources going into helping some of the veterans with their recovery processes, and there seems to be a lot of technology being used in assisting them with getting back to whatever the new normal will be. I am impressed by the amount of recovery that I notice from what little interaction I have had with some of the patients.

I like the ipad we got while up in Rhode Island. It was not a 3G model. I like the virtual keyboard on the larger screen of the ipad more than the smaller virtual keyboard on the ipod touch.

I think it might be kind of nice if there were more of a virtual support community for some of the vets returning home from current conflicts. I’m not really involved on the rehabilitation side of things, but I’m peripherally aware that for some groups, there are virtual support groups out there.

Perhaps more could be done with regard to the education of the use and utilization of information technology resources. At the same time, the primary role of the hospital is to assist people in “getting better.” As a librarian, I like the “Eureka! moments” the discovery of new knowledge, and the interconnectedness of the world wide web is wonderful for that.

I recognize that the hospital, as an organization, develops. We all bring certain skill sets to the table. Stuff happens. I like working at the VA Hospital.


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