I like the beach

misquamicut beach, RI
misquamicut beach, RI

I’m not entirely sure that this relates to my being a survivor, or what, but I do like being acutely aware that Nature has power. Part of my fascination with hurricanes is that there is so much destructive potential in those storms. Not that it requires those storms to make a significant impact on people. Witness the recent flooding of Nashville. It is sad that it has happened, but life happens, and we can adapt, change the tack of our sails, or not.

I’m impressed by the bigger ocean waves than these little ones at Misquamicut Beach, RI. I like the ocean waves of Ormond Beach, just north of Daytona Beach. But we really can’t do very much with controlling weather systems yet.

When there is a hurricane with a lot of destructive power, it is interesting to watch the satellite loops, to see the past tracks of historical storms. Sadly, some places are very slow to recover from major weather events. Witness Homestead, FL–south of Miami, where Hurricane Andrew came through some 17 or so years ago, I’m not sure what the present day situation of development in Homestead is, but the last time that we were down that way, we did see that the Air Force Base had pretty much closed, and there wasn’t very much development at all. There will probably be some development at some point of the land and area around it.

I guess business recovery happens at differing rates. I’m not sure about the redevelopment of the area around Galveston Island in Texas, but I think that it might happen.

The oil rig tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico is very sad, but I’m hopeful that somehow, this too can be fixed and made better. Some people don’t want drilling off of Florida’s shores for that very reason. They think that it’s better for the economy to not have Oil Rigs drilling, scaring away the tourists.

Mother Nature has a way of helping us to realize just how small our contributions are. But to those around us, our shared struggle is important.


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