Hmm, I was having more connection issues

I was having some connection issues with my FIOS router which used WEP encryption. But, now that I got a separate router for the WPA encrypted traffic, things appear to be working much more smoothly. Boy, the complicated little expenses that add up after the initial expenses can get to be a bit more. I am very happy that I might have arrived at a solution. It could still be a different problem, but for now, this seems to have solved part of the problems that. I was having with my home network and connecting. We went to BJ’s, and I ended up getting the router from HHGregg, in the same shopping center.
We had a good time going to BJ’s, and getting some groceries. I like that we don’t live in a time and place where there are large numbers of people who routinely go hungry.
Of course, that could be debatable, there are some people who routinely are on street corners asking for handouts from passers by.
They might truly be down on their luck, or they might have found a more lucrative gig than putting in eight hours at a steady job. Of course, maybe the people who ask for handouts have other complicating factors which make a steady job not achievable.
It is somewhat puzzling why people choose to be homeless. Why do some people actively seek out demons of addiction, and misery? I guess no body wants to get started with smoking thinking about eventually having emphysema.


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