OIF/OEF Veterans’ Readjustment

http://www.oefoif.va.gov/FamilySupport.asp (link)

I was pleased to see that the VA has a few pages addressing some of the challenging concerns. We all should want to be supportive of the soldiers who have volunteered to give of themselves for protecting our freedoms.

A google search on oef oif veterans readjustment (link)

because I read something in a Federal Practitioner magazine about a House governmental oversight committee had some round table discussion on the problems faced by the returning veterans.

I’m saddened that there appears to be a statistically significant increase in the prevalence of suicides among returning oif oef veterans. I am aware that the VA wants to help provide assistance to veterans. But I guess there are some levels of stigma that people associate with asking for help.

I recall the aftermath of losing a co-worker to suicide. I recall that the suicide didn’t answer any questions. In fact it is described as a permanent solution to temporary problems. I recall asking myself, “Why?” “What could be so bad?” But there won’t be any answers to the questions. I recall a small group gathering to meet with someone following the revelation of what happened.

Mental health problems have a different set of stigmas associated with them. But people should realize that many people have problems, and it is okay to acknowledge those problems, having someone to talk with is important. The VA has set up a suicide prevention help line for veterans to call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
Invisible Wounds of War: Recommendations for Addressing Psychological and Cognitive Injuries… (link) free PDF from RAND.ORG for personal (non-commercial) use.

of note: 1.64 million people have served in support of OEF OIF.

total number of diagnosed TBI cases identified as of June 2007 (2,726)


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