We walked Downtown Saint Petersburg, FL

We walked Downtown Saint Petersburg. There were several empty stores, restaurant spaces at Baywalk, where the Saint Pete movies and some night activities are located. The downtown music place Janus Landing was going pretty strong with kind of loud music. Walking around was nice. I got some pictures, I’ll probably post some later. There’s a marina right on the water by Downtown Saint Petersburg. But the Rays have a bit of difficulty attracting a big enough crowd for most games. There’s a group that’s trying to move the team over to Tampa. But who knows for sure that it’d happen.

I guess at present, Downtown Tampa doesn’t have enough retail space on the ground levels of many buildings. Restaurants are limited.

Of course, since our surgeries, we’ve saved quite a bit by not eating out as frequently. By dividing meals into smaller portions, we eat less, and stretch the meal out for a longer period of time.

Ybor City (pronouced EE’bor Sit-y) is kind of the place in Tampa to go out on the weekends and get drunk. I guess there are several other bars in Tampa, but Ybor City seems to have a large concentration of bars.

I liked the buildings in Downtown Saint Petersburg. There are several buildings that appear to be new construction. Downtown Tampa has a few new residential buildings, but I’m still not sure that there’s enough of a reason to live downtown in Tampa. Public Transportation in Tampa leaves a lot to be desired.

I like architecture. I like buildings. The cooling systems for our computer room at work is kind of interesting. The cool air is blown out through the bottom of these big Liebert Air Conditioners, under a raised floor, and sucked in near the top of the unit to be cooled again.

I’ve observed contractors pulling new wire for additional electrical service. It is interesting how several racks of computers, servers, and switches consume probably a lot of electricity, and give off a lot of heat.

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