On life after a TBI

I’ve been thinking about, and seeking guidance a little bit about how to go about trying to further the idea that computer mediated communications is a good thing. I recognize that people who’ve sustained head injuries probably can have a more difficult time than those who are not similarly injured. I know that each brain injury is different, but there must be some similarities.

I am some 28 or so years post accident. One of the big things in my life which helped me to develop into more of a fuller person was the fact that my dad got me my first computer, an Apple II c and a 300 baud modem. That at the time, opened my eyes to a whole ‘nother world out there. A world of BBSes (Bulletin Board Systems), and people who liked communicating with others.

Technology has evolved. Now it is the internet. I admit, I’m not a big fan of texting, or internet relay chat, though I can do okay with the latter.

I am fortunate that money was not too much of a difficulty in being able to get that first computer, or in being able to pay the various monthly bills that we have (today).

Technology has also gotten cheaper. I’m sure there are some who have difficulties being able to afford computers, or who don’t see the value in having expanded access to other ideas. My heart goes out to those who cannot afford the expense of a computer, or a dial up account, or various other expenses.

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