On being concerned about those you can help.

I guess I should not be as concerned about those that I won’t be able to reach. I should be more concerned about helping those who I can help in ways that make sense for me.

I am a firm believer that more can probably be done to encourage people to access online resources, though at times it feels as though I am but a lone voice in the wilderness.

It would seem to make sense that there should be groups out there who would gain a lot from my efforts at contributing to furthering the idea of making more use of internet based resources within some groups post-intensive-rehab-settings.

Perhaps my idea is still too amorphous (without shape) so people can’t really get their arms around the idea.

The librarian in me recognizes the potential that exists with the internet in its current form, and most likely as it will evolve in the future, and sees that there is a lot of information out there–waiting to be accessed.

Communication is an important life-skill.

Computers mediating that communication serve to level the playing field, and cause people to accept ideas at face value as opposed to generally filtered through the lenses of particular biases linked to physical realities and bodies.

I like the notion of computer mediated communications.

3 thoughts on “On being concerned about those you can help.

  1. Japan is the leader in robotics. Check out some of the videos below. Artificial intelligence is advancing along these lines as well.

  2. Well, Mister Reiner seems to bring up the possibility of “learning computers” and a pseudo “borg” like assimilation (for fans of Star Trek: the Next Generation). I’m not thinking that we are anywhere close to that yet. I don’t know the level of sophistication that the NSA has with regard to SIGINT and auto translations. I suspect that it’s pretty far along. I know that the Government has some super computers dedicated to Nuclear decay algorithms (or whatever), and who knows what the resources are for the intelligence infrastructure are these days, anyways?

    I mostly want to leverage computer mediated communication (people talking to other people through the computer) to help improve the lives of disabled individuals.

    Computers are presently tools used to assist people with tasks. I guess even cars are using more data from satelites to call up navigation information. We don’t have one of those cars yet, but who knows what the future will hold?

    Will Smith appeared in a movie, I Robot, where robots were taking over, or soon would anyway.

  3. No matter how much technology has advanced, people still like interacting with other people. Once technology can replicate people, then all the information that is or ever will be can be disseminated through some type of human-like robot that “knows” more than any human ever will. When that day comes, you will get your wish. Maybe not in our lifetime, but certainly within the next 100-200 years.

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