Computer Mediated Communications and me.

First off, I wrote a piece on Computer Mediated Communications for
Article on computer mediated communications
Which, I guess I should also own the fact that recently I decided to purchase a more powerful system. I opted to go with a MacBook Pro. I like the back lit keyboard, I like the aluminum uni-body. I haven’t yet chosen to get Paralells, and a copy of Windows so I can use both operating systems. It might be something down the road that could be an option. I ended up getting a corded mouse to go with my MacBook Pro, and a USB memory card reader from Radio Shack. I was disappointed that the 17 inch MacBook Pro had an express slot, but I couldn’t find an express/SD memory card reader. The USB reader seems to work well enough.
I’ve been using the OSX operating system on the Mac for awhile.
I like the garage band simple music samples.
The nice simple layout of mail and web and iphoto have been applications which I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed using. Synching my ipad with the computer is pretty cool. I like that the computer seems to function a bit better. I’m not sure if introducing windows to the system would just cause the problems associated with windows to appear on the system. It makes sense that running a system with known issues would probably continue those known issues.
I downloaded a game called Angband, and it is pretty fun. There are probably other cool stuff that I will find, but I’m mostly interested in using the internet, exploiting cloud computing resources (as I understand the cloud, it can refer to many distributed computer/internet resoucres, google and yahoo being but two players in the arena).
Internet companies might not be comfortable with the notion of being referred to as cloud computers. Perhaps some of the other uses of the cloud could include the distributed SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) project where users download software and data sets to analyze when the computers go into screensaver mode.


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