Sharing tools added.

We will see how this will play out. If it will ultimately be useful, or even better. I did get a heck of a lot of value gained from seeing who used twitter to retweet my article on Traumatic Brain Injury and Computer Mediated Communication to their followers. Perhaps something similar will be possible here as well.
I’m really quite fond of my zippy MacBook Pro. The best part is the start up and shut down speeds.
I suppose I can get Parallells so that I can run a flavor of windows, or a flavor of linux, but at this point, I am like, why? The point behind my getting a mac was so I could get garage band.
I’m happy with Chrome as a browser, and I guess I like the little mail application. Who knows, maybe things will change as I continue using this MacBook Pro.
Eventually, I may decide that I want a newer shinier model, but for now I’m happy with how things have happened.
Last weekend, we picked up the picture of the flat-iorn Building In New York City at IKEA. It’s a pretty big picture, probably 4′ by 6′ at least.
I like it, and that is the most important part.

I am really quite impressed by the picture. The architecture is nifty in that building. The fact that it’s in New York City, and it was built way back in 1908, or thereabouts is impressive, but I think it is a great image.
We haven’t been to New York City but once on a Cruise. I guess it would have been an adventure to take a train into the city from somewhere in New Jersey, if we ever got the opportunity.
When I stayed at a hotel in New Jersey, there was a train station nearby that I suppose I could have caught a train into the city, but I did not take advantage of that opportunity.
Even downtown Washington DC was disorienting driving around. It was an adventure. We stayed at a hotel in Alexandria, I guess. The lock to the room door fell apart, and that was enough of a bad omen. The time in Virginia Beach was well worth the going out of the way. Perhaps we should have stayed at Days Inn near Bethesda Maryland. The fact that Virginia Beach is kind of not near a lot of things if you don’t want to go back west toward Richmond on I-64. We went south toward Nags Head, but coastal North Carolina isn’t well developed. I guess a few hurricanes have hit the area. We didn’t want to chance making a ferry across to Ocracoke Island, or whatever.

I do like travel. Seeing new cities is nice. I’m glad that we live in Tampa though.


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