My wife is taking a class

She’s probably the oldest person there. This is a Music appreciation class, centered on American music. It is offerred in a big lecture hall, so I guess I am also sitting in on the class, even though it’s not that big of a deal. I suppose I’ll end up going with her to multiple performances of musical groups this semester.
It should be fun.
We probably won’t be able to take many 2 week vacations this semester, but we might be able to do a few things.
The music appreciation should be really cool as an aspect of the class. I don’t think that my wife wants to pursue anything with music, but this should be a fun way of getting some enrichment. The class is a rather late class. But it should be fun to go listen to a lot of musical performances.
I looked at the website for USF’s school of music within the college of Arts. and several things appear to be interesting.


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