Magical sounds | Gather

Magical sounds | Gather.

Recently, I got an Esteban Guitar from HSN retail Store, it has been interesting, to strum, and have the guitar resonate. I like the magic of making sounds with the guitar.

Sounds can be magical. There is a bit of beauty there. Many probably hear the noise and try to tune it out. I am happy to be produce the magical sounds. It brings a sense of wonder to my eyes… my ears… my body resonates with the sound. A beautiful thing actually.

I like my guitar.

The sounds are magical probably only to me, but that is okay. I have enough security to accept this for a truth.

Last night, we went to a dress rehearsal for “A Little Night Music” by Stephen Sondhiem, as part of a class at the university. It was cool. The professor played the Clarinet as part of the orchestra. I was a bit surprised by how much of the central theme of “A Little Night Music” dealt with sex, or the lack. I guess it was an Opera, though perhaps the term Musical would work as well.

I thought the initial “La La La La” song was kind of dumb, but then there were songs about “A Weekend in the Country”and “Send in the Clowns.” Having a context for “Send in the Clowns” was interesting.

A buddy of mine from Texas forwarded me an article that stated that Austin was the # 1 most sexually active city (as measured by births and incidence [prevalence?] of STD’s per capita). 7 cities in Texas were in the top 15. Tampa was # 83. Such rankings really don’t make all that much sense, but whatever.


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