Downtown Clearwater Blast Friday | Gather

We did the last friday evening entertainment thing at downtown Clearwater, and it was a cool experience.  Josh Gracin, and a guy from Southern California were the opening act, and then Richie McDonald was the second act.  I guess it went on from about 6 until about 10 pm.  It was a good time, and a free event.  Initially, I didnt really know either of the entertainers, but it was a very cool show.

via Downtown Clearwater Blast Friday | Gather.

It was a cool time though. We had a great time. We started out by walking down to the water, where the bridge used to be, and now there is a fly over bridge linking traffic to clearwater beach in a much more direct way. There were some municipal docks, which was really very cool to get out and take a look around.

Richie McDonald was the lead singer of Lonestar, and he put on a great show. He did several of his recent hits.

It used to be the fourth friday thing at downtown Clearwater, but they changed it, and we’ll have to see what will happen in the future. I look forward to next month’s adventure.

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