Retail Therapy

I like living in a land of plenty (relatively speaking). I enjoy walking through grocery stores and seeing food on shelves, organized for sale.

Arguably, that should be pretty common throughout civilized society, but one never knows for sure if there are places where there is not the same levels of goods organized for sale.

That may be why I like living close to a grocery store. The distance is easily walkable.

My parents will probably be moving yet again. They signed a contract on a new house, further away. It should be a nice place, the lot is not looking on the golf course, but it does look onto some wooded area that probably won’t get developed.

I’ve lived in the same house for close to 13 or so years more or less now. We did have the addition put on the house recently, and that has made the house slightly more functional. I like some of the views looking out my back windows. I like the fact that I had the contractor expand our bedroom. The walk in closet is very nice.

My parents are trying to sell their existing house. I guess it is a nice house. I wish them the best of luck.

I guess that because I don’t drive, my perspective on “what is close by” is different.


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