What motivates Julian Assange?

Why is Julian Assange still releasing documents? I’d think that making international enemies isn’t the wisest of actions. I guess that the Russians, or Soviets have rather specific ways of dealing with those who emperil the well-being. I sincerely hope that whatever he wants to do, he does not upset the wrong sets of people.

Perhaps he already has. *Shrug* I guess there is some speculation that he may be in Iceland, or who knows where? Perhaps Hugo Chavez will offer him a safe haven. But I doubt that it would last for very long.

If he were to surrender, then perhaps he could be okay. Perhaps the people in his organization could move on and be productive at other ventures. Sadly, he probably does not look at it in that light. I am not sure what his motivating factors are. Maybe he’s actively involved in shorting alot of stocks right now, hoping to make significant money from his supposed impending release of damaging documents.

Perhaps most of his leaks have been promised to be more damaging than they actually were in the end. The fact that there are non redacted documents out there on the internet somewhere, presumably, means that there could be alot of damage done to counterintelligence agencies.


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