Construction is exciting

At work, there is a good amount of construction. Construction is exciting. It should be interesting to look at the progress being made.

Speaking from a personal perspective (smaller scale) the construction of of our room addition was very cool. Seeing the cement go into the footings, the foundation, the cinderblocks for the outside walls, the electrician doing his stuff, the drywall guys doing their contributions, it was all interesting. The demolition of the wall, and construction of the smaller closet space was also neat. Selecting materials for double hanging the closet was interesting, and the finished product is a very usable closet.

At work, the construction will be bigger, a parking garage, and two more floors on top of a space. There might be other projects in the near future. There have been several reorganizations of existing spaces, and I’m pretty sure that it will continue, even though I don’t know for sure what the plans are.


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