Thank goodness for small miracles

Thank goodness for small miracles

Or actually, it’s not miraculous, other than my wife was able to get her primary care physician to see that she doesn’t need to be on the metformin for diabetes control anymore. I guess the hard work paid off. She’ll probably still need to check her blood sugars, and be mindful of what she eats as well as possibly exercise more, but the lap band does work. We are happy to be eating smaller portions.

In fact, yesterday, we went to Disney and did the hotel hopping thing. We went into the public areas of the Grand Floridian, Polynesian, and Contemporary Resorts, we also walked into the courtyard of the Bay Lake Towers and saw the bamboo growing which looked very neat.

As the sun went down, we went to get our jackets from the car. We opted instead to go eat elsewhere. We had two little kiddie burgers from Fuddruckers (using our cards to explain the need for ordering smaller portions). We ended up getting a to go box anyway, so the little kiddie order wasn’t really that effective. I guess if we had gotten regular sized entrees we would have had that much more to take home with us.

In other news, I realize that I like the sharing features of imovie too much to be able to keep using the software that came with the Nikon Digital Camera. So, this morning, I tried uninstalling the software.

I first tried to get imovie to import the videos, but saw some difficulties with that option, so the easier path for me was to uninstall the ViewNX2 program.

We liked that fact that the Polynesian Resort had two huge ficus trees out in front of the resort. I had a nice little video of some of the water features that were at the Polynesian Resort hotel. Oh, we also walked around Coronado Springs, which was pretty impressive just considering the size of the place, and the conference center and everything.

We’ve done the hotel hopping thing before, but it was closer to Christmas, and the EPCOT area hotels seemed to be more festively decorated. Maybe it was just me, or maybe it was because we went to some different hotels this time around. We did have a good time going around to some of the properties.

I liked the atmosphere around the Disney resort hotels, but I think that the timeshare aspect of the disney hotels thing is more than a little bit extreme. I think it is great that they can support the infrastructure. I’m not all too sure about the timeshare aspect though. It is a pretty good deal I guess, versus the rates charged if one goes and stays at disney enough.

We like the disney annual passes, and I suppose that we’ve gone enough to the different theme parks. We enjoy the walking, it provides exercise.

Christmas is a festive time anyway, we like going out to various retail places and seeing the people walking around. I’m pretty sure there will be more opportunities ahead.

It has been cold by Florida’s standards around here in the evenings, but I suppose that compared to places that are significantly colder, it is still nice to be doing the holidays down in Florida.

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