The most awesome job ever!

I was gushing to a co-worker about how I thought the job that I put in for at work would be the most awesome job ever! And the co-worker told me to share my enthusiasm for the opportunity when I get the interview. Well, it would be a new position, trying to guide the VA medical center to have a “place/face” on various Social Network sites.
The position is so new, that the rules around responsibilities and duties are probably not very well defined yet, it would be awesome! At the same time, working for Public Affairs in the Director’s office could bring different challenges, but it’d just be so super-cool to be involved in improving communication at the organizational level. There could be other parts which might not be as cool as I think this job would be. I suppose that I don’t even have my interview time lined up yet, so unfortunately, I might not even get an interview. I’d like to see more being done with blogs to inform the sophisticated employees who wish to consume more information about what is happening at the Hospital. At the same time, there probably is room to address a different audience, the veteran patients.
Yet in trying to provide more information to the veteran patients, part of the librarian in me feels that more should also be done to try to address some of the inequality of information access.
I get that not everyone wants to be the most informed about how best to modify behaviors which will save them from hardships down the road. There are people who smoke, there are people who drink alcohol. People develop diabetes. People enjoy having fun, living the “big life.”
Free will is vital to who we are as Americans. Some people will make choices which are not the most healthy. Then again, not everyone who lives the “big life” will die young. Cancer will not only hit those who live lives of excess, but also those who have more modest histories.
Rarely does someone who does not do drugs die of an overdose of drugs.


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