The Mac App Store

Hey, I like the idea of the Mac App Store.There’s a cute little free game called Gold Strike which seemed pretty easy to get the rules for, throwing your pick-axe at like colored blocks that are adjacent and getting points for the gold blocks that you clear away in this regard. Perhaps most of the game apps seem to be charging, because that’s where one makes the most money I guess, is by selling games. I suppose there are the online games by zynga where it is hoped that you will stay active and perhaps buy virtual goods (in game merchandise–to help your avatar be cool). The potential for causing harm by charging real money for virtual advantages seems to me to be tilting (wavering, unsteady) on the google “do no evil” rule.
I realize that people should be able to spend their money anyway they so choose. It’s part of free will. But it seems that it is possible that some people could very easily get into trouble by not having enough perception to realize that in game “virtual stuff” really has very little to do with how well one keeps up with the Joneses in the real world.
I suppose that I am as capable of getting lost in an ficticious world of fantasy and role play (through games such as ANGBAND). At the same time, I don’t think that paying real world dollars for virtual goods makes very much sense at all. I guess there is a game out there called Second Life, where one has an avatar and can buy virtual items which can assist the avatar in becoming cool.
I didn’t get involved in Second Life, but I suppose that some people get lost in World of Warcraft (another game which makes money by charging a monthly subscription fee–in addition to the money for the game itself).
To my way of thinking the games should not charge for continued use of the product. Of course, I am not on the game developer side of the money pyramid. Most of the money probably goes to supporting the infrastructure (the servers, the connections, the sales forces, the salaries of the developers, the electricity bills). But it is interesting to think about how popular the game is, and how much money is probably flowing in to support the virtual world.

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