Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was shot through and through

I suppose that being shot in the head probably differs greatly from my own brain injury.  I do not know what those around her are going through.

The 9 year old who was taken to the meet your congressman event because she was recently elected to some student government position, and she wanted to meet a real politician, was born on september 11, 2001 died. That in and of itself is quite sad.  We will need to remember that the little girl won’t have a future, that her parents will be saddened.  Her classmates will probably have some issues moving forwards, but most children will probably adapt, and come to realize that loss and death happens.

The person who was the shooter probably won’t have a nice life.  At the same time, most members of congress won’t be able to have protective details assigned to them.  The capitol police force probably doesn’t have enough manpower to ensure the security of most congresspeople at the capitol building, much less at the home districts.

Maybe the shooter was not able to follow through with high school, or Junior College.  Maybe he could not get into the Army.  Who knows if he thought he’d still be alive at this point?  Most likely, there were some issues with his lack of appreciation of the interrelation between cause and effect.

I hope that she survives, and that her recovery will bring her close to where she was at before the shooting.  The rehabilitation process will likely be a long and drawn out one.  I hope that the support network of friends around her will remain strong.  It will be interesting to observe the recovery process if it happens.  There are many more brain injured individuals who are able to survive.

If this leads to any changes in the opposition to the health care legislation is unknown at this point.

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