Construction at the VA

Construction is a pretty cool process to observe.  I like the cranes.  even the smaller vibratory hammer type of drill/pile driver that loosens soil so that more gravel can be pushed into the spaces left by the piling as it gets pulled up is interesting.  The construction process of “flying steel” where large steel girders are placed into structural columns is pretty cool.  Perhaps I should clairify that there are a couple of different construction projects going on.  The first is of the Polytrauma Major project, while simultaneously, the Parking Garage addition is going on.  The Parking Garage addition, as I understand it will be built on top of a dry bed that can become a moat of water (as evidenced in one of the pictures).

Larger cranes are also interesting, seeing the crane extended was more impressive than when the crane is in its inactive pose.  This last picture is a rendering of what the polytrauma addition should look like when construction gets completed on the project.

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