Construction at Busch Gardens, Tampa


by Marty S. 

We Did Busch Gardens Yesterday
January 02, 2011 07:43 AM EST

We went to Busch Gardens Yesterday, and it was pretty cool.  The construction of a new ride looked pretty cool.  The ride is supposed to open this spring, so it shouldn’t be too far away.  We also went and saw Cirque Dreams, which may or may not have been affiliated with Cirque du Soliel.  The show was pretty neat.  It seemed like a small cast, maybe 9 performers.  Maybe there were more, I’m not sure.  Since the stage at the theatre was small, there weren’t many acts that would have required a bigger space.  Supposedly, it is only a limited engagement.  I am glad that we got to see it.

We saw where the pieces of the ride were waiting for final assembly, and my wife made a comment, about piece B fitting into piece J–kind of like instructions from an IKEA shelving unit, except these were steel beams, and curving loop portions.  We also took the train around the property, and saw some of the animals.  Then we went to Jungala, and marveled at the tigers and the orangutans. The tiger space was more impressive.  The theme park isn’t as big as Disney World, but it still has some nice features.

Another cool part of the Busch Gardens recent upgrades made to the park, is that they’ve opened a separate area of the park devoted to Tigers and Orangutans.  I guess the Tigers are a better social animal, because there are more of those animals than the Orangutans.  I also got some pictures of the Tigers and an Orangutan, though there were about three (3) Orangutans in the enclosure.  The enclosure is really neat, it is a pretty large area.  And I’m guessing that there is some very thick impact resistant plexiglass, or something separating the areas with the Humans, from the areas with the Tigers, and the area with the Orangutan.




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