On achieving employment after a TBI

On achieving employment after a TBI, a voc rehab counselor at the VA where I work had mentioned to me that I was singularly qualified to write a blog about achieving employment following a TBI.  The current activities in Afghanistan and Iraq have led to an increased incidence of soldiers surviving with traumatic brain injuries.

This sort of dovetails in with the position that I’m trying to get as a social media coordinator for our VA hospital.  I do recognize that many people probably want to return to a life of near normalcy, or at least as close to near normalcy as can be achieved given the catastrophic circumstances.  I doubt that I will gain many readers because of my advice and helping others to find meaningful employment in overcoming situations.

Who knows?  The Voc Rehab Counselor volunteered to donate some time in possibly helping out if needed by perhaps offering insight to working within the framework of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other tools established.

Further, I’ve recognized that my life has been relatively easy, after some particularly difficult times.  Employment has been a blessing.

One might suppose that there could be rather large numbers of individuals with brain injuries who might want help finding meaningful employment, but will they be looking for similar content?

Helping others has been rewarding.  Having a routine has also been good.  I’ve managed to get a little bit involved in the diversity committee at work, perhaps doing a little part in helping to raise awareness.


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