I don’t know what sort of demand there is

The level of desire for return to work issues could be a bigger thing, or it could be relatively small.  I’ve seen some numbers for the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center’s official numbers.  Even though it’s only the Military and Veteran populations, which is a smaller portion of the whole population, I guess I’m thankful that there are solid numbers. There is some talk about how traumatic brain injury is the signature injury of this new war.  Perhaps it is because we have gotten so good at providing treatment for other injuries and the numbers of complex multiple system injuries which are being survived has increased.  I saw a group of individuals who were sharing stories about their progress since becoming part of the transitional rehabilitative program, and it was very neat.  I was very pleased that I saw someone making use of an ipad to “talk” before the group.  That was very cool from my own perspective.  I recognize how frustrating it is to not have the ability to speak the words.  Having a whiteboard or some other space on which to write to communicate is very cool.  My computer mediated communication idea may be making some progress to getting before groups that could champion the cause more effectively.

The vast majority of Traumatic Brain Injuries are concussions, or mild TBIs.  There are smaller numbers of moderate TBIs, where loss of consiousness is longer than an hour, but shorter than a week (?) (maybe I should look up the definitions separating the different classifications of TBIs more closely).  I think Severe TBIs are loss of consiousness for longer than a week (I was in this category, 53 days in a coma).  Penetrating, or open TBI, is generally caused by what gunshots (similar to Gabrielle Giffords).  I have been amazed by the progress that she has made.


pie chart of causes of traumatic brain injury
Image via Wikipedia

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