Fairchild Botanical Gardens in Miami

We left Tampa after I got off work at 4:30, and I dropped off my badge and work phone at home.  Previously, we had filled up the gas Tank, and made sure the bag was packed.  As it turned out, we only made it down to Naples, FL before stopping for the night.  Naples was a good place to stop though.  The Hampton Inn near I-75 had a good quality bed.  Across the street was a Super Target where we got some snacks for the road, and some zip lock baggies.  The moon was very cool down in Naples.  I suppose that there is less light polution, so the sky was darker than it is in Tampa.  We split a chef’s salad that night, which, I guess I’m not too much of a fan of salads since the surgery.  There were some items on clearance from Valentine’s day.

Saturday morning, we got up and continued on to Fairchild Botanical Gardens in South Miami.  We didn’t really know the area too well, but we managed to find the general area, based on a map that must be a dozen or so years old, but it still works well, and it is laminated, so it holds up nicely.  We weren’t expecting heavy traffic congestion in the coconut grove neighborhood due to the coconut grove art festival, but there was, so we had that traffic to contend with, but we made it through, and we found the botanical gardens.  The gardens had a number of cool art pieces.

The prime motivating factor we have is our USF Botanical Gardens membership offers us reciprocal membership in lots of other gardens.  We’ve been to many different gardens through our reciprocal membership.  We enjoyed going to Atlanta, and seeing that garden area.  Sarasota, Saint Petersburg, Orlando, and now Miami all have pretty good gardens, in addition to our USF Botanical Garden.

We also went to Key Biscayne, and I guess there is a business area there with probably homes, and hotels.  The toll was $1.50 to cross the Rickenbocker causeway.  Crossing back gave a pretty nice view of downtown Miami, but I’m not sure that it’s worth it for just the view.  We had lunch on Key Biscayne.  It was pretty good.


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