Orlampa, super-region


Who knows what the reasons that Governor Scott Turned down the federal money really were.  It might have been that he had advisors who said that Florida really couldn’t commit the funding or whatever that would have been necessary to develop the project.

I got to thinking about the Dallas and Fort Worth megaplex, so I looked at mapquest.


At 37 miles apart, Orlando and Tampa are at least twice as far apart, but the addition of high speed rail would reduce the travel time.   Parking was an issue that I could see as being of concern for the proposed sites on the Tampa end of the line, but I guess there are other benefits, and parking garages can be built to accomodate needs.  The seaport has limitations.  But from a tourism point of view, cruising out of Tampa is really nice.  Tampa is a nice city.  The downtown region is close to the cruise terminal.  Perhaps there could be other benefits to having an Orlando-Tampa partnership, but I am not certain.

Orlando has a lot of Theme parks, but also probably some industry as well.    Tampa also has industry, I guess that much of Tampa’s shipping is industrial, commercial shipping containers.  I’m not too deeply knowledgeable about such matters.

Thinking about other regional super cities, Seattle-Tacoma (Sea-Tac airport) about 34 miles apart.


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