TBIs as successful people

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I’m sure that there are other examples of successful rehabilitations following a Traumatic Brain Injury.  There has to be.

It is important.  I’m aware that there probably aren’t that many severe head injuries (according to data fro DVBIC).  DVBIC data is limited to Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs, but it represents a group of individuals.

I like the movie Avatar, and how in a state of suspended animation, or whatever one wants to call it, the guy controlled the other’s actions.  I believe that through computer mediated communications there should be less discrimination.

A co-worker was talking to me the other day about how there are things as they should be, and there are things as they actually are.  The co-worker seemed to indicate that we can try to improve things toward the point of things as they should be.  People may try to discourage us, by pointing out that it isn’t really the way things are, but if we try to make things better, maybe things will improve, if we do not try to improve things, they probably won’t improve.

This goes back a way to one of the speeches given at a ribbon cutting, or some other ceremony celebrating construction, and a recollection that there was an inspirational message “that more can be done better to better serve these veterans.”


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