Yesterday we did Epcot in the evening

We will probably do Epcot next weekend for the start of the flower and garden festival.  There were a number of topiaries that were new when we did Epcot in the evening.  It was nice to do Epcot in the evening.  For one thing,  the weather was wonderful for wearing shorts.  We had dinner at the 4 Seasons food court place, and we got the standard Pork Chop with Mashed Potatoes and Fruit Compote, but last night, we decided to also get the Cream of Yukon Gold (potato) soup.  As had been the prior pattern, we did not finish eating the one meal (split between both of us) before we received the (stop eating signals) informing us that we needed to stop.  It is kind of nice to get that “full” feeling much sooner when eating.

We also saw the british invasion do two sets of the routine.  We could have stayed until the fireworks show at 9pm, but I guess that I decided to leave a little bit earlier, and we got to the car around 8:20 pm, and started back home soon thereafter.  I tried to exchange my 1st generation ipod touch utilizing the technology buyback programs of Target or Best Buy, but neither place had interest in taking my 1st generation ipod touch.  I figure it is their loss, because I am interested in getting a 4th generation ipod touch, but I’d like to not have the excess devices taking up space.  I’ve heard some advertisements on TV for the buy back programs.

I have fun going out and observing new things.  I think it is pretty much not a big complicated thing that most people should probably have fun going out and doing new things, seeing new things, but my wife tells me that if she was not going out with me all of the time, she’d probably not be as adventurous.  I like doing and seeing new things, even if only to people watch.  I don’t think it necessarily has anything to do with my TBI, but I am a firm believer that opening up to new experiences, stimuli, should be helpful in helping to reestablish neural connections, or whatever–besides having fun is… well, fun.

I also get enthusiastic about new technology and new devices.  The screen on the ipod touch is kind of a bit small for my own preferences as far as the typing experience goes, so I also have an ipad, but that device isn’t the best.  My mac book pro is very nice, but I’m not sure how much I’d get in a probable upgrade if I were to try upgrading to newer technology devices.  The new macbooks are out.  My current one still works.  I’d think that for the retailer who gets the right combination of trade in incentive, the path to proper upgrades should be simplified, and more people will probably upgrade equipment more often.


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