Busch Gardens, Bands, Brews and BarBeQue

We did Busch Gardens for two Sundays, and they had Montgomery Gentry, a country music group there one Sunday, and the Fabulous Pointer Sisters with a second act of the Commodores.

The Fabulous Pointer Sisters were very good.  Two of the original Sisters were there I suppose.  One of the sisters appeared to be (was introduced as) a grand daughter.  The Pointer Sisters Band was pretty good.  When the hour long concert finished, about half an hour, maybe 45 minutes was spent transforming the stage for the Commodores.  The sun went down, and a chill took to the air.  Perhaps the dry ice was used to make smoke.  We eventually left the Commodores concert before they finished, as we weren’t that impressed, and we were a bit cold.

A local country music station has a mega ticket, but in trying to add up expenses, the annual passes to Epcot is a better deal, and we also get admission to the Disney Theme Parks.  Universal might have a similar deal.  We like the concerts at Epcot, and the flower and garden festival at Epcot is also very cool.


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