Some thoughts on the happiest place on earth.

That phrase seems particularly difficult to accept, but it refers to a commercialized, trademarked, reference to a specific place, Disney World.  Friday we went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where they had some sports stars and stuff going on with ESPN the weekend.  When we were coming out of a bathroom, we are pretty sure that Tim Tebow was being whisked away into a side entrance so he could ride the toy story ride, and bypass the lines.  We rode the toy story ride, and it was pretty neat.  We also walked around the ESPN the weekend area.  We saw the professional fisherman and the big fish tank.  The large shoes, heights, and hand outlines of some basketball players.

On Saturday, we did Epcot.  They had HGTV’s Home and Garden Festival going on.  We attended a presentation on growing vegetables.  We got two baby plants of bok choi.  I guess we will try growing the bok choi.  The presenter was the director Lew Gardens, who spoke of the nutritive value of fresh home grown vegetables versus the remotely grown and transported vegetables.

At Two O’Clock, we left disney property, and split a prime burger at Fuddruckers.  We then walked around Downtown Disney for awhile.  By about 4:30, we went back to Epcot for the 5:15 show of Jose Feliciano. The show was pretty good.  I also really like the water fountain show at Epcot.  I like the music.  I like the water being shot up into the air.

Part of the time waiting for the morning show, we spoke with a couple who was up from Palm Beach, the guy really didn’t want to have the high speed rail project move forward.  He said that some estimates on the maintenance of the High Speed Rail Track was a million dollars a mile (presumably per year).  He said that perhaps a more cost effective method would be to have Heliports across the state.


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