I like garage band

I like the garage band application that comes with Macs (in my case, a MacBook Pro).  I like the relatively simple arrangements put together with the magic garage band.  The Reggae simple song is pretty cool, and the Jazz magic Garage band is also pretty cool.  I’m not too sure about mastering playing my own instrument using magic garage band, but it looks pretty cool.

I’m impressed by the construction of the parking garage at my place of work.  I suppose that there will be a moat surrounding the retention pond that the parking garage will be built upon.  There has been several weeks of digging, and planning, and moving piles of dirt around the area.  Now, there are several pre-cast concrete pilings going up on the outside, and it is finally starting to make sense as to what it will look like.

Separately, I like the ipad.  Currently, I’m mostly just playing a silly little game of Island HD where I’m building cabins and stuff for tourists.  I guess I also like the apps of Friendly for facebook, and some newsy apps.



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