Yesterday, EPCOT

Yesterday, we went to EPCOT, and sure, there were some people with buttons that are given to people who go to EPCOT on their birthday.  I like going to EPCOT and seeing some people who have the Happy Birthday buttons on.  I try to go out of my way and wish people I see at EPCOT with the buttons on a happy birthday.  I guess it could be thought of as a little bit weird, but I like doing it.

When we went to the presentation at the flower and garden festival yesterday, we got mini starter terrariums.  The presentation was really quite cool.  It was about indoor gardening.  The prizes for attending yesterday was a terrarium for each of us.  It was a mason jar filled with some rock, some filter material, some sand, and some soil along with a plant.  So we got two plants.  In turn that inspired us to go out last night and get some seeds for planting.  Previously, we had gotten some seeds for attending a prior show.  Those were of some flowers.  Last night at Lowes, when we were picking up the jiffy peat moss packs (? starter growth medium), we also picked up some seeds for cilantro and rosemary.  Not really because we plan on using it to cook with at present, but more that we might try getting a little raised bed going for planting a little something of a garden.

The gentleman from Lew Garden taught us about growing a little garden of stuff (in raised beds) a few weeks ago, and in addition to the butterfly attracting flowers we got, we also picked up a bok choi plant.

I got a different nozzle for our hose, because I tried to adjust the spray, and it wouldn’t really work for delivering smaller amounts of water.

I like watching plants grow.  I guess we started the four o’clocks in our front yard from seeds with the jiffy starter medium.

Yesterday, we also got a small segment of a video capture of the fountain at EPCOT.


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