I like the ipad’s social time sink games

Well, I saw where there was some emulation of the facebook trend of having little social network types of games.  Apple probably has had the social time sink games on the app store for awhile now, but I recently found them.  There are all sorts of ways to try to incentivize you to part with real money through buying credits inside of these games, but as long as one avoids those traps, it is relatively harmless.  The Smurf Village was a game I read about from an article that was cut out and put by the microwave at work a few months ago.  There are games like Farm Story, City Story, and a number of other games, in addition to the little mobsters types of themes, along with some simulation (small sim-city) types of games.  I will probably soon tire of these types of games, but the ipad is a good interface to the games in that it isn’t as “cumbersome” as a computer system for getting everything going.   The apps were free to download.

I see where Google is also trying to get into the browser based social time sink game thing as well.  I don’t think that the current batch of some games I’ve tried at the google storefront have been as engaging, at this time.

In other news, the parking garage where I work is coming along pretty impressively.  It is neat to see the pre-cast concrete lego set go together.  Just the rather large crane in and of itself is pretty impressive, but then to think about the weight of the big concrete building blocks that get moved into place is also amazing.  The stairwell is pretty cool, how the precast concrete forms are set into place.  Supposedly, the garage will be six levels.  So far the back section and three of the six levels have been placed.  It should be interesting to continue to watch the progress.

The other construction projects at work are more involved, with having additional floors built above existing structures.  At the same time, it too has been a terribly interesting process to see the interstitial floors being planned to allow for the current ventilation and use of existing floors to continue.

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