Epcot and Zaxby’s Chicken

Yesterday, we did Epcot for the flower and garden festival.  I got a few pictures.  We got some succulent plants, the lady said we might want to use some cactus dirt, or something for the succulents.  Then I wanted to get a window feeder from wild birds unlimited, because I saw where the endodontist‘s office in Wesley Chapel had a feeder right outside of his window, and I thought that was neat.  They didn’t have the particular feeder I saw being used, but we did see a feeder wich will stick up on the window.  If I can get some good photos, it should be great.

We also stopped by Walmart on Dale Mabry, and then we saw a ZAXBY’s Chicken place.  We liked the chicken we previously had at ZAXBY’s, the shakes are pretty good as well.  The Chicken Fingerz were very good, my wife and I split a ten piece order and we had a birthday cake shake.  My wife said she probably won’t get it again, but she was drinking more of the shake than I was as we were coming home last night.  We also stopped at Krispy Kreme, and picked up two Oreo donuts, we agree that we won’t get more of those.


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