Dental pain

Having dental pain is kind of bad.  I’m not sure what level of pain should be felt when the patient is sitting in the chair.  When I went to the endodontic specialist, there was relatively little pain, of course, then I went back to the dentist, and there was a moderate amount of pain.  But as with most pain, it should be temporary.  I suppose there are some cancers with excruciating pain.  Fortunately, I haven’t been exposed to too much of that and those individuals.

Most of life is about enjoying things which go on around you.  I like living in Florida where the sun is usually shining, and the temperatures are usually warm.

I don’t suppose that I am unique in the amounts of novocaine that the dentist gives out.  I think I should be fairly typical.  There could be some corporate number crunching advising the dentists to save money by reducing the amounts of local anesthetic that they give out, but that probably is not the case.  Having the dentist drill away at a tooth to have a better fitting crown I guess is okay.  The dentist did drilling around the number 2 and number 3 teeth.  I guess the number 2 tooth which had the root canal done on it was also heavily numbed up.  That tooth had a permanent crown placed on it a few weeks ago, but the number 3 tooth wasn’t as good, so I had to sit and have more drilling done.

Perhaps there seem to be more crowns/root canals being done, possibly because I heard a couple of people come in for treatment and get referred to some specialists who have better stuff and are better able to address their complications.

I don’t know if there are readily accessible data on numbers of procedures done.

There are probably some powerpoint slides that some college student has put together, but I’m not sure how to go about looking for that data.


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