Weight loss and eating following Lap Band Surgery

We have gotten more selective since our weight loss surgeries.  We now have to think about how much we are going to be able to eat, and what we can actually have to eat.  In order to continue our weight loss, it should be noted that we need to avoid eating some cookies and other high calorie empty foods.  At the same time, we have found that Duncan Hines sells Decadent Carrot Cake Mix at BJ’s.  BJ’s wholesale club carries the Duncan Hines Decadent Carrot Cake Mix.  We saw on the back where there was a modification that one could make to the mix and make cookies with it.  So, that’s what we’re trying.  The cookies are good enough.  They don’t need the cream cheese topping.  I had half of one with the cream cheese topping, and it was good, but not really required.  We added Oats to the mix, and probably changed the water and egg ratio from the cake mix method.

Today, for closer to lunch time, we made a hamburger helper mini lasagne, which was good.  I had my small portion, and in fact, couldn’t eat all of it, so I put a little bit of it away into the refrigerator.  I probably have 3 or so tubbies prepared for lunch next week.

The weight loss doctor says that exercise is the wrong way to loose weight.  He and his staff explained that it takes something like 6 hours worth of walking to burn the calories equalling one pound of weight loss, or whatever.  There are other benefits of regular exercise, it’s just that weight loss should not be a primary reason to exercise.  Consuming fewer calories is a way to lose weight.  With the lap band, it is still possible to eat most foods.  Freedom to decide about what foods one wishes to eat is pretty cool.

I got a little 2 KG medicine ball which I use a bit for tossing up in the air to try to improve/maintain some hand eye coordination.  Who knows ulimately how successful I will be, but it is an interesting journey.


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