Vacation (North Carolina-hub)

We did a bit more than a week.  We left Friday morning, a week up in the Carolinas with N Georgia, and returned the following Saturday.

In somewhat random order.

We were going to stop at Fazoli’s in Valdosta for lunch, but there was a cop car with crime scene tape around the property, so we couldn’t stop for lunch at Fazoli’s.  We ended up getting some Chick-fil-a sandwiches.

Earlier in the week, we stopped at Goats on the roof in North Georgia, and I got a cool tie die T-shirt for $17 with advertisement for goats on the roof.  I figured, if more people get advertisements for Disney, or whatever, even Hard Rock Cafe, and I like the goats on the roof, I could support the little business.

We also had lunch at Paula Deen‘s restaurant in Cherokee.  That was very good.  We couldn’t really take very much advantage of the buffet, but it is as well.  The price for the buffet was $15.  I got a Crab Cake Sandwich for 10 and my mom got a chicken pot pie for 14, while my wife got the buffet (she only got one plate of food, and then some small desserts).   We went up to the walkway tower in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.  I guess the GSMNP can’t charge admission, so that could be why it is not developed, or whatever.  What we saw of the mountains was pretty cool.  We liked the roads.  The views from inside the park were impressive.

I bought a tie dye shirt for 5 and another for 10 from a place in the town of Cherokee.

On another day, we went down to Clemson, SC and walked around the campus.  It is quite impressive.  We parked near the stadium, after getting the visitor’s parking permit.  We saw the “Clemson welcomes you to Death Valley” greeting at the football stadium.

We went to Sugar Mountain in North Carolina, and saw the village police station/village hall.  There were ski lifts, but since there was no snow, the police weren’t pulling cars which went off the roads back onto the roads, and the lifts weren’t running.  I guess something about the locality or something has determined that they shouldn’t use salt to keep the roadways clear.  We drove up two of the mountains, looking for the building at the top of the mountain.  I guess it is a condo, or something.  We inquired if they had a place that we could have lunch at, and were informed that “not anymore” (indicating that at one time there was enough attendance to have a cafe staffed, but not, at least, in the summer).  We might have gone to Grandfather mountain, but the admission price of $15 per adult seemed a bit high for us, given that it was already near noon.  We had Lunch at the Mellow Mushroom in Asheville.  There is another Mellow Mushroom in Brandon, but we’ve yet to eat there.  Incidentally, I saw where there is another Mellow Mushroom in Clemson, as well.

We also went walking around the Glenn Falls area near my parent’s house in Highlands.  And we did 2 separate plays/performances while up there, which was nice.  One was a play of Educating Rita, and then another was the musical of Suds, which was might lighter, and more of a 50’s and 60’s type of musical performance.  We liked walking around the downtown area of Highlands, NC.

After eating all of the bad stuff, I expected the weight gain to have been more, but with shoes on, I was only 201, so I guess without shoes I’ll be less, and tomorrow morning, probably less than that, so I’m relatively happy that I could go away on vacation, and not pay close attention to food choices, but still, recognize the signals that my body tells me, and stop (or slow down) eating when it happens.



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