Lap band issues

Well, it is not really an issue with the lap band surgery itself. It is just that the surgery doesn’t really change much about what one can and cannot eat. Some salads become more complicated, and starches (potatoes) become less appealing in many forms. We have greater difficulties with some breads. There is only so much that can be realistically be eaten in one setting. Perhaps some people get into greater trouble when they don’t pay attention to the idea that that the smaller stomach pouch can only hold so much. Then they probably will throw up. My weight loss doctor says that is probably not the best way of dealing with over eating. Eventually, the food does seem to get digested. I would think that a few triscuits, and a few wheat thins wouldn’t pose such big problems, but perhaps the few crackers are better than some ice cream sandwiches or whatever.

My wife fixed some country fried steaks, with white gravy to go along with the mashed potatoes (instant), and it was good, but I recognized that it’d be too much, so I put half of my half of the meal away into a tubbie before I got too far done with my portion. My wife ate a similar amount, and I put a similar amount of her food away into a tubbie for later as well.

For the most part, I avoid salads and many breads. For the most part, we tend not to have ice cream sandwiches laying around the house.

I liked going to the restaurant in Cherokee North Carolina by Paula Deen. The food was good. I liked tasting the meatloaf. The crabcake of the crabcake sandwich was very good. I opted not to eat the bun as it would have probably been way too much. The following day, at Madison’s (Old Edward’s Inn) for Father’s Day, I got a pulled pork sandwich, and that sandwich lasted for several meals. A day or two before that we had lunch at Cornucopia in Cashiers, and the size of the lunches were quite large. I had gotten some ribs, and that lasted a for two meals worth, just on the meat. I find that french fries tend not to be consumed as well as mashed potatoes.


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