WOW, World of Warcraft, Wildlife, Food

We’ve been playing World of Warcraft recently, since my wife downloaded the free trial. It was only 10 days of free trial. I have a small bit of difficulty of committing to pay a lot for playing a game (over time). At the same time, I acknowledge, WOW is an immersive experience, and I guess it is beneficial to have a game which one can easily spend hours with. Hours upon Hours becoming Days upon Days. There are a couple of co-workers who tell me that they have had to give up WOW because of it’s appeal, and their addictive personalities. I too am a bit hesitant to get involved, but my wife wanted to do the free trial. So, I downloaded it as well, she got a little bit frustrated at her character’s difficulty taking on tougher monsters. I do like being able to help show her some of the abilities. The free trial will soon be up, and we’ll need to commit to buying some time for two accounts. I guess it is a very good thing that I have Verizon FIOS in as far as the trial to download was a large file, and it took a while, even with the large pipes for downloading data.

We filled several bird feeders with the black sunflower seeds, so that the birds will be coming to my back yard window looking out on the world. Perhaps I will get to taking some pictures and posting about them a little bit later.

On tuesday, my friend from Texas was telling me about a place he stopped at in North Bethesda, called Seasons 52, and how it was different. Supposedly they only serve 450 calorie meals. Now, that’s not including the wine, since it probably is primarily a wine bar, who knows? But the mini desserts were pretty cool. So, I looked them up online, and there is a location here in Tampa. We were going to take my parents there yesterday, but Dad really wanted to use his new grill. I did like the features of the grill, but at $700 or whatever for the grill, I probably won’t be getting one too soon. That was the low end model of the grill. As a positive, it only weighed 25 pounds, and it uses a propane tank, or whatever the conventional gas grill tanks are. The searing on the steaks were excellent yesterday. We weren’t able to eat our steaks, so we brought home some steak yesterday.

Stopping by Walmart, we saw the $30 for 60 days of World of Warcraft play. In the grand scheme of things, the 50 cents a day to play the pretty cool game isn’t too bad. It would probably be much cooler if it were not consecutive days, meaning that the days that don’t get played, don’t get counted. But I would think that they wouldn’t make as much money, so they probably wouldn’t do that.

I want to go to Game Stop, to see if there are other options for getting World of Warcraft time.

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