Technology and traipsing in Florida

A while ago, my mother was so enamored with the technology behind GPS navigation systems, and the help that they provide assistance with getting from location A to location G that she went ahead and ordered one for us.  I didn’t think it was too helpful, but we went to Lake Placid, FL (the calladium capital of the world).  There are also about 40 or so murals painted on the sides of businesses, and other buildings (in Lake Placid, FL).  I could have found it with a map, and could have gotten there by taking slightly straighter lines, but then I wanted to go to Sarasota, FL.  So we did, and we saw the statue of the sailor kissing the nurse.  We did Saint Armand‘s Circle, and walked around the shopping area.  We stopped by the Wyland Gallery, and saw that there were some art pieces painted by Wyland in Florida.  Today, we went to the Renaissance hotel (across from Sea World) to look for the Wyland art.  We were disappointed that the art was not a super big piece, but it was still pretty cool.  From there, I thought hey, what about the spiritualist town Cassadega, FL?  People have to be certified psychics in order to work in the town of Cassadega.  First of all, Cassadega was very small.  There were maybe 6 or so psychic gift shops, with psychic readings available.


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