Lap band weight issues

The chocolates are probably not good for my goal of weight loss.  At the same time, I’ve been kind of impressed that my weight has stayed around 191 pounds give or take 3 pounds for a couple of months, more or less.  I guess I should be able to loose some more weight, once we get further along the process, and we stop having chocolates around the house.  Still, perhaps a peanut cluster or two or three is better than a scoop of ice cream.  I am not sure which is better.  I think that it is pretty neat that my wife’s goal of getting off of her diabetes medicine was achieved after a while of living with the lap band and getting her A1C under control and at more normal levels.

I’ve been reading about brain surgery as a profession, and it seems interesting.  The bone dust seems interesting, but I like making my own little contribution to the smooth operations of computers systems at the VA, I guess.  I probably haven’t yet grasped the numbers of people who will die.  My own circle of friends hasn’t been that greatly impacted by deaths, yet.  I’m aware that smokers usually have bad lungs compared with non smokers.  My grandmother died of emphysema, after smoking many years.  My Mother in Law died at 82 years old.  My Mother in Law  was not a smoker, that I knew, maybe in her youth she did.  A few people at work smoke.  A few people at work have died recently.  An aunt of mine died due to cancer of the head and neck.  The book about neurosurgery talks about delivering bad news to patients.


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