Making a sandwich since the surgery.

Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich
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Since we had our lap band surgeries, we tend not to have sandwiches very often anymore.  Tonight, was a little bit different.  I wanted to get close to what my memory of a monte christo sandwich was.  We stopped at Publix, and picked up some seedless rye bread, along with some provolone cheese.  We had corned beef at home, and we had some butter.  I opted not to use the panini press, which might have done a better job, but oh well.  I buttered the bread, put cheese on top, then corned beef, then the other piece of bread.  I flipped the sandwich.  So it was more just a grilled cheese sandwich.  I still need to cut the sandwich into smaller sections for slower eating, and easier digestion.  In fact, I am sort of full after eating about half of the grilled cheese sandwich.  Maybe I should have added mustard to the sandwich,. and another type of meat, maybe ham as well, but oh well.  I suppose that my stomach is significantly smaller in terms of the amount that can be consumed at a given time.

Of course, the bad part is that I also picked up a half gallon of chocolate milk along with some enteman’s doughnut holes, which are a weakness of mine.  I don’t think I’ll have those in the immediate future, but who knows when I will give in.  For now, my stomach has a full feeling.

2 thoughts on “Making a sandwich since the surgery.

  1. Thanks for the link to my post—How to Make a Crispy Crusty Grilled Cheese Sandwich—and good luck with your journey after the surgery!
    After growing up on white bread and American cheese grilled cheese sandwiches I love grilling up all kinds of meats and cheeses on all sorts of bread. And I put some kind of mustard on almost all of them. And pickles. I had no idea pickles could be so tasty in the middle of all the melty cheese and warm deli slices.


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