Walking around Tampa

We went walking around Davis Island, out by the end, near the Davis Island Yacht Club, and it was pretty cool.  The Airport was nearby.  It was just a little itty bitty airport, but it was nice in that the runways were enough for small planes to take off and land.  We saw two cruise ships leave the port of Tampa, while we were near the area.  The views were pretty awesome.  I like the notion of sail boats.  The Yacht club seems like it would be a nice place, but I’m not quite sure, I know and recognize that groups have common interests.  Back when I was a child, I took sailing for a summer and it was pretty exciting.  I think back fondly.  We will cruise on the Norewgian Star, one of the ships we saw leave out of Tampa, in not too long from now, a few months.  It should be exciting.  There were two separate dog park areas at the end of the island.

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