It is interesting that there was an Epcot area devoted to one of First Lady Michelle Obama’s pet projects–fighting childhood obesity. Perhaps not as interesting that it was perceived as too hard on overweight people, and made the wrong people the bad guys.

I think the whole system of of what normal/overweight is perhaps culturally blind, and perhaps could be adjusted. But I suppose that being concerned about medical monitoring of conditions suchas blood sugars, and weight does have a role in prolonging the life expectancy, and elevating quality of life experiences possible in the later years versus some other possibilities of chronic conditions.

National Post | News

Disney has shut down an interactive anti-childhood obesity exhibit and an online game after critics said its use of fat, villainous characters is insensitive to obese youngsters and perpetuates negative stereotypes.

Habit Heroes was supposed to have its official launch at the Epcot Centre at Disney World on Monday, but “feedback” about its rotund villainous characters, such as “The Snacker,” charged with eating too many fatty and processed foods, and “The Glutton,” who overeats and gobbles his food too fast, led Disney to pull the exhibit and take down the gaming website, said Disney spokesperson Kathleen Prihoda.

For three weeks, visitors to the Epcot exhibit followed the healthy hero characters “Will Power” and “Callie Stenics,” through a 4,700 square foot attraction that takes them on a journey that involves using virtual broccoli and apples to take down hot dogs and cream puffs and battling a morbidly obese character named…

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