Last night, we went to the Box theatre in Y’bor City

For $5 each, we went and saw Dear Aunt Gertrude Improvisation group. The box theatre was a small space, but it was cool. It was at 1300 E Seventh Avenue. The fact that it was improv was pretty cool. Some of the short form Improv may have centered on suggestions from the audience, soggy cereal, and bathroom as an unusual place to meet a spouse. There was a short thing about a guy getting a pair of cement galoshes, and presumably going to the river. A longer improvisation that ran through a couple of scenes was the Lilah show, satire about a radio show and syruppy host.
After about an hour and a half of the comedy show, we went to walk around the couple of blocks of Y’bor City Bars, Pizza Shops, and Tattoo Parlors. We had a dessert each from Big Mouth Burgers while we passed Centro Y’bor. Seeing the numbers of people lined up to get into various dance clubs was interesting.


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