On travel

Yesterday, we attended a presentation by CTA Vacations for joining access to an exclusive travel agency.  The pitch was that we would receive free airfare for attending an hour long presentation.  During the presentation, we were told that the price was 8,000 with a 200 annual fee.  The today only rate was 6,000 and the first person to take the deal could have it for 5,000 without an annual fee.  I don’t think anyone took the deal that morning.  An incentive was a 20% rebate check on verified receipts related to travel.  

Dad told me that for $300, you could get trained and sit for the travel agent certification, or whatever.  


I don’t think I need to become a travel agent. I could probably do it, but I’m not that interested in another career. A travel agency might be kind of nifty, but probably it might be more complicated. 

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