We went to Tampa Bay Brewing Company in Ybor City

I had read in the newspaper where some local restaurants have been reporting an increased number of visits as a result of visits / being featured on Food Network.  The particular food item which attracts me is meatloaf.  I guess a local bar / microbrewery, Tampa Bay Brewing Company, was featured on one of the shows.  I enjoyed the meatloaf.  It had a different flavor than most meatloaves.  

Ybor City, for those of you who do not know Tampa is home to a rather large number of bars and other drinking establishments.  We had previously not known about Tampa Bay Brewing Company, since we aren’t consumers of alcoholic beverages, but whatever.  Currently, Tampa Bay Brewing Company sits underneath the Movico Theatre complex at Centro Ybor.  

I wanted to go last night, but unbeknownst to us, there was some sort of craziness with some Saint Paddy’s Day Parade for parts of the city, presumably also other roads were also blocked off.  We instead went to Ikea for dinner.  Ikea is located a little bit near Ybor City, but is a few blocks to the south from that neighborhood.

Since we had the lap band surgery, the amount of food we can eat has been reduced.  Usually, we end up bringing food home with us.  For instance, when we got the 15 swedish meatballs a scoop of mashed potatoes, two slices of garlic bread texas toast, and a slice of cake, we split it between us.  Before, we could probably have eaten that much, each.  Last night we only had about half of that amount.  We brought the rest of it home with us.  Today, we brought about half to 2/3rds of the portions home with us again.  Sometimes eating too much is just plain uncomfortable.  Fortunately, that doesn’t happen too frequently.  But when trying to be sociable, and eating around others, sometimes certain situations can cause concern.

We can still make bad decisions about foods, eating ice cream generally doen’t have the same volume restrictions that other foods have, but we can usually make decisions about smaller sizes likely being satisfying enough. 

One thought on “We went to Tampa Bay Brewing Company in Ybor City

  1. Downtown Tampa was very busy over the weekend with the St. Patrick’s parade and the Lightning games and other activities. Hope you can go back soon! You’ll have a great time!
    When I visit Ikea I always buy the cinnamon buns they’re the best!

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