We had a great time time in DC. We did alot of walking.

We had a great time time in DC. We did alot of walking. Here, the moon is over the Jefferson Memorial. That was one of the places we did not go to. We walked to the Lincoln Memorial twice, on different evenings. During 9 full days or so, we bout 3 9 dollar single day passes times 2. We stayed at L’Enfant Plaza Hotel, which, as I understand it, is the top 4 floors of a building. I think the FAA uses some of the space not used by the hotel. One of the best things we did was ask for a fridge and microwave for the room. That was awesome. It enabled us to have cold bottled water. We used Mio, water flavor enhancers in liquid form, and it was pretty good. We didn’t go very far on the Metro, or take too much advantage of the metro bus honoring of the day pass. But it was awesome all the same. We went to Arlington on the blue line, but due to track work, we had to take a shuttle bus from the Rosslyn stop to the pentagon, and from there, another bus to the national cemetary at Arlington. The house that the Lee family had was nice, and the National Park Service is maintaining it as a piece of history. It overlooks the Lincoln Memorial. Staying at L’Enfant Plaza Hotel enabled us to do some cool things, like walk to the Mall, walk to the Old Post Office, walk to the White house gift shop, walk to the Capitol, Library of Congress, Supreme Court. We saw the National Academies press office building, in fact also the building that houses some of the National Academies. Parts of the mall were undergoing drainage improvements and beautification with better grasses, and whatever else. Still, it was neat. We went to the foggy bottom metro station, and walked to the Kennedy Center, and then walked to Georgetown, where we tried Baked and Wired Bakery. That was a pretty awesome little bakery. I asked if we could get a franchise set up in Tampa, but I don’t think it’ll happen. This seems to be a small bakery, making things in small batches. The Kennedy Center was cool, as performing arts centers go.

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